I write about a lot of topics, which is so different from starting to write when I was 13 and given a diary. I’d read “The Diary of Anne Frank,” so my parents bought me what could only be called a “calendar diary.” I had no clue what to write about – I didn’t have “thoughts” worthy of going onto paper. I think I wrote a list of what I watched on Television and my various heart-throbs. I’m convinced one of the reasons I did well on term papers in college was because I knew my grammar, due to an amazing Latin teacher.

It took a while to realize I truly did have something to say…in the form of romance writing. I was planning on becoming another Janey Dailey. I have three unpublished romances, one of which had a really nice rejection letter (at least I thought so). From there I worked on education articles, including an unpublished mathematics book, “Whatever It Takes: The Journey to Mathematical Success.” It was accepted by a Tucson publisher…who was bought out by a larger Chicago press, and they “lost” my manuscript, as well as 300 pieces of original art illustrations. In retrospect it was a good thing, as I have since learned so much about teaching mathematics that the book would have been a serious flop.

I did essays for a while, short writings about the joys and demands and incompetence within the education system. Then I had an idea for a novel about Arizona seceding from the US and becoming its own Christian republic. I started in 2013, before a previous president actually had been elected. I finished it in 2015 and shopped it around a bit. The few agents I heard from thought that even for “speculative fiction,” it was too far-fetched. Anyone reading it now would think I had written the current events of the day…but as a history major I interpreted events that did come to pass.

I started writing on line in 2018 and everything changed for me. I had readers! I had commenters! I had so many things to say about the world…and then my husband went into hospice for two years, I became a widow, and I wrote about what I really know – death and grief,

Now I can’t imagine not writing about life in these crazy times. My interests show up in education and world affairs. Within this section of the website you’ll find:

  • the various publications where you can find my work;
  • articles on needed changes in education;
  • commentary on world events and climate change;
  • articles on grief;
  • humor in unusual places and events;
  • my book about my husband’s journey through hospice, “The Perks of Hospice: Stories of Love, Ice, and Loss;”
  • books I find intriguing – the latest being all about the understory of trees – absolutely fascinating; and
  • issue with the way history is presented and taught.

Like I said, just about everything I can write about!


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