In 1966 my high school principal, concerned with rumors that I was spreading Communist propaganda, called my parents. I was involved in a debate in English class about a current political problem, that of “Red China” being admitted to the United Nations. I was strongly in favor of admittance, believing you can’t ignore 700,000,000 people ion the world having no voice. I also had research to back up my information from a reliable source: William Lederer and “A Nation of Sheep.”

Thus began my activism. There were college protests about the Vietnam War. Two of my students at Baldwin High School in Kahului, Maui, wanted to have a World Peace Day throughout the state, so I helped them organize it…and this I fielded the calls about being a Communist.  The program was extremely well-received through the Pacific and Asian Affairs Council. The following years my students put together a United Nations Summit on the Environment – 1973, way before climate action…

…and I participated in a teacher strike in Hawaii, all while working with my students putting together the UN Summit off school grounds.

With retirement I have upped the stakes for myself with my writing. I am concerned with the failure of education to meet the needs of all our children, with the failure to report/write/present the truth about our shared history, and with many other issues: fast fashion, microplastics, morality and ethics…there’s a lot we need to do to make life equitable and fair for all people. I intend to become much more active as the years roll on; we have too many issues ion our neighborhoods, our country, and the world to not try and change the status quo.

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My activism goes back a long way, probably starting in high school, taking the side of admitting “Red” China to the United Nations, much to the chagrin of my high school, whose principal felt the need to call my parents became I was exhibiting Communist tendencies. All because I felt that nearly 750,000,000 people needed to be represented on the world stage.

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