c. 2019, Judith Lefevre. Linda and Dean Moran

c. 2019, Judith Lefevre. Linda and Dean Moran

I am a recent widow, losing my husband this year to renal failure. After three years, two major surgeries, and nine specialists,  Dean wasn’t improving. His six-month sentence of remaining life led us to two years in our hospice program, and our remaining three weeks together in the hospice Respite House.

Dean and I had been active as artists since 1993, when we first discovered the art of marbling, or ebru. We worked together for 30 years, creating unique artwork. This was a labor of love for both of us, and I write about it extensively in our book, The Perks of Hospice: Stories of Love, Life, and Loss.

Dean told his spiritual caregiver in his last weeks that he had stayed busy with the marbling so he could leave me a fabric stash any textile artist would swoon over. I have amazing fabric, and now after two and a half years, I am ready to get back to creating.

I’m reinventing myself, and creating is the key. I turned 75 this year and am determined to make my life count even more, now that I have been retired as a pubic school teacher for 12 years. First on my bucket list of things to do this decade (2023-2033) was to write a book about our experiences – published in August 2023. Second on my list was my first ever trip to Europe – Portugal and Spain. Travel certainly changes you,

Third on my list is to write articles and perhaps another book or two about grief, medical care, history and all its many manifestations. I love writing, and  I’m actually getting pretty good at it! Hopefully it will help fund a few more trips to Europe.

Hospice is near and dear to my heart. We had amazing care, and I’ve committed to giving half of my writing royalties to support our local hospice house and any other hospice programs that need assistance.

We have a pretty extensive art bio on the “Artist” page, along with thumbnails of past work and new-to-the-world marbled creations. Join me for “Creating a New Life.”